Q אולפן - Q Ulpan

ימי חמישי | 19:00                            Thursdays 7:00 PM

Did you just make Aliyah? We're here for you!

Being an immigrant is not always easy (to say the least), and it can be quite difficult to re-invent yourself in a new country.

Weather you're traveling for school, family, work or principles, you can find your community here.

We invite you to join us, learn Hebrew and get to know the community.

The service is given free of charge but requires registration.

Group instructor: Amir Nehari

For meeting updates and group information please send an email to: qulpantlv@lgbtolim.org

Feel free to register with the form below!


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על קבוצות

כל הזכויות שמורות למרכז הגאה, טשרניחובסקי 22א (גן מאיר), תל אביב יפו.

טלפון 03-5252896, דוא"ל office@lgbtqcenter.org.il