Pride Night Party

To Celebrate the 2019 Eurovision, as it is traditionally accepted around the world, we'll organize a main Pride event that will convey and express the full LGBTQ Tel Aviv experience and culture to its full extent
The Event will be open to everyone and will bring some young, new content to the Eurovision events in the city. 
The event will feature drag queens performing Eurovision numbers, international DJs and artists, and more!
In addition, at the event we will launch the plan for the 2019 Pride events, thus creating a connection between the two major events.
Monday, 13.5 || 18:00 || The Euro Village - Charles Klor Park || Free Entrance

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כל הזכויות שמורות למרכז הגאה, טשרניחובסקי 22א (גן מאיר), תל אביב יפו.

טלפון 03-5252896, דוא"ל