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The Day Before the Parade

Thursday | 13.6 | All Day Long | All Over the City

As a part of this year's parade theme, we decided to dedicate the day before the Tel Aviv Pride Parade to raise awareness to the LGBTQ community's situation and struggles in Israel. We aim to emphasize the gap between the Israeli public and the law makers. 

The day will begin early morning and will end late evening, with four discusion spots throughout the city. 


Points of Interest During the Day:


A Civics Lesson | 13:00-18:00 | Kikar Habima

Throughout Habima Square, you will be able to get a second class citizen "Israeli ID" at one of the "Minsitery of Interior for Second Class Citizens" that will be placed at the square. The IDs will be hanged as a protest exhibition.

Discussing Resistance: Come meet Second Class Citizens | 19:00 | 4 Points throughtout the City

South - Washington Boulevard, Florentin
North - Schuester Center, Ramat Aviv
Center - Kikar Hatarbut (Habima Square)
East - Shderot Ha'Haskala Park, Ramat Israel


The day after, Friday June 14th 2019, the first "Resistance Parade" of the LGBTQ Community in Israel will finally take place. Stay tuned, and come protest with us! We won't be illegal no more!


Check out the Facebook event for further details!

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