Xport Pride

A Fitness and Music Experience

Monday | 10.6 | 17:00 | Tel Aviv Port

The LGTBQ Center in cooperation with Tel Aviv Port and the LGBTQ Sports Club present: an amazing fitness and music exprience in the hottest venue of the summer!

✦✦ Event Schedule: ✦✦

17:00 Gathering

18:00 A Same Sex Dance Lesson

A same sex dance lesson in a friendly, accepting environment with modern music. The lesson will be lead by Hadass Armon and Heather Gladding, who were the owners of the Ladanza Studio in London.

19:00 Sunset Yoga

An exercise that offers guidence for those seeking a balance between the body and mind. The lesson will be held in the open, with the lovely Tel Aviv sunset in the background, and will be lead by Nofar Levi - a personal and cooperative trainer and a liscensed Yoga teacher. 

**All you need to do is bring a matt or two!**

19:00 Running Exercise
A light, fun running exercise with Gali Offer, the manager and coach of the official-social LGBTQ running team - The Pink Panthers!

20:00 BODYGAM Lesson

Come dance with us and get fit! The exercise combines several types of dance that are guarenteed to make you fit and proud by the end of it! The lesson will be lead by Tal Sarig - a trainer in the Body Gam program at Les Mills, a dance teacher and a fitness trainer.
בואו לרקוד...ועל הדרך לשפר את הכושר שלכם באימון כושר שהוא מסיבה אחת גדולה.

21:00 Vogueing Workshop
Come and learn the most fabulous dancing moves that developed in the NYC LGBTQ clubs!
The workshop will be lead by Gastón Osiris, a well known dancer and performer. 
!Strike a pose- there's nothing to it!

21:30 An awesome dance party with DJ Tal Mor


כל הזכויות שמורות למרכז הגאה, טשרניחובסקי 22א (גן מאיר), תל אביב יפו.

טלפון 03-5252896, דוא"ל office@lgbtqcenter.org.il