Local Pride Project

A unique project, in which other community centers in Tel Aviv-Jaffa host pride events and activities.

Touch Me: Art Exhibition

The opening event of Sigal Miller's exhibition. Miller is an Israeli artist whos work features LGBTQ relationships.

Monday | 3.6 | 19:00 | Abraham Hostel, Levontin 21

 Not only Queer Eyes: Gendered Bodies through the Lens

Sipur Pashut bookshop is proud to welcome photographers Yael Meiry and Chris Harris to a conversation about LGBTQ visual arts and the politics of photographic representation, on the occasion of the appearance of their recently-published monographs ("Yael Meiry: Doing Right By You" / "Chris Harris: A Year in Tel Aviv"). The conversation will be held in English.

Wednesday | 12.6 | 19:00 | Sipur Pashut Bookshop, 36 Shabazi Street

חזרה לרשימת

כל הזכויות שמורות למרכז הגאה, טשרניחובסקי 22א (גן מאיר), תל אביב יפו.

טלפון 03-5252896, דוא"ל office@lgbtqcenter.org.il